Intuit, Lead Product Designer
2012 - 2017

Intuit is the parent company and makers of TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint, and other solutions that help power prosperity around the world.

An ecosystem of products created in an agile environment with fast moving-teams centered around design thinking.

Introduction & Goal
I joined as one of the very first product designers in the Central Technology Enablement Group, responsible for creating reusable experiences to power the 100's of entities under the Intuit ecosystem. The goal was to identify significant and similar experiences within the product suites that Intuit provided, and create best-in-class centralized versions that every team could utilize, in a build once, use many micro-services type model. Creating reusable experiences that are consistent across the ecosystem would speed up development and time to market with product teams now entirely focused on the core features and capabilities, instead of creating inconsistent and repeating experiences over and over.

Process & Experience

In a span of 5 years, I helped establish design thinking into a historically all development-driven organization, while growing the team from 2 to 12+ designers by recruiting and retaining top talent. Additionally, laying the foundation in establishing best practices and processes for optimal team efficiency. Working centrally, independent of any specific business unit, giving me the opportunity and experience to work with over 200+ creatives across all of Intuit's business units.

The Outcome
Highlighted Accomplishments:

Specific Role Contributions