EngageFT Avatar
EngageFT, Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer
2017 - 2022  (acquired by OptimizeFT in 2019)

EngageFT delivered a swiftly deployable financial technology platform, empowering next-gen digital payment solutions and programs.

My Responsibilities

Corporate Branding & Marketing

- Rebranded, implemented, and maintained the entire corporate brand
- Designed and developed all marketing touchpoints, including the companies corporate website

My Business Impact

Partnered with business development to secure a deal with Mastercard in under a month, which is what gave the company the funding to bring me onboard full-time
Defined and conceptualized the 3 levels of programs to increase our business value from 1 offering into 3
High-level areas I led across our platform
Designed a micro-site for an advanced credit specific white-label program
A overview of the B2B credit micro-site that I designed as part of the OptimizeFT venture.
Created all business development visioning presentations to lock each partner in our business development phase
Designed the grouping strategy for program types and visualized how they are configured per program

My Product Impact

Created an atomic design system and applied to different levels of configuration to setup client branded programs faster and at scale
An overview of the Atomic Design Library and System I created for the OptimizeFT venture. Showing how each level builds on each other.
Collaborated with client's product teams to do, and apply, research and learnings unique to the client's use cases
Created a high-level release roadmap, and a data matrix, for the main planner feature for one program
Created the app IA and how the app sections correlate with the data matrix
Branded and configured enrollment custom per each program
A project overview image showing the brand styles, product UI, and user flows for the Reach Life product.
Detail view for the two main features of a program that worked together, tying enrollment and setup with ongoing use
Details showing the home dashboard and how the program specific features were also surfaced onto the main landing page

My Team Impact

Managed a senior designer to design, and work with devs to build, the developer portal for internal and external devs to reference our APIs
Managed a senior designer to design, and work with devs to build, a Program Configuration and Admin Portal so our partners could have full control to set and modify their own programs, enabling less support staff and faster program configurations
Managed a senior designer to design, and work with devs to build, a customer support portal that had scripted workflows for support and a full ticketing experience for internal and partners
High-level view of the information architecture I designed for our client Admin Portal that used Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) - User Types, Roles, and Permissions.

My User Impact

Utilizing an optimization engine to track user engagement, and identify opportunity areas within live programs, I was able to establish program performance improvements, the first year
Partnered closely with our clients’ internal teams, ranging from 2 to 20+, I had the opportunity to impact millions of people