EngageFT, Co-founder & Chief Experience Officer
2017 - Present

EngageFT provides a rapidly-deployable financial technology platform with managed services enabling next-generation digital payment solutions and programs.

EngageFT embodies a mission to help clients lead in the digital banking revolution. Offering ideal ways to consolidate payment card processing and disparate backend systems. EngageFT’s proprietary and robust software layer is built to provide omni-channel access, intelligent, real-time customer interactions, and an extensive library of value-added tools. Using the platform allows for rapidly deployable new product innovations and shifts the paradigm from transaction-centric payment products to user experience-centric products.
You know it's official once you see it physically mounted on a wall or building. Here is the EngageFT logo mark I designed and got installed behind the main entrance welcome desk.
Showing an example of the advanced tracking features designed specifically for our white-labeled Digital Challenger Bank Solution

Introduction & Goal
EngageFT currently provides an innovative technology platform enabling next-generation payment solutions, as well as offer complete white-label programs for companies in a wide range of industries. Targeting industries and use cases like digital banking, alternative lending, rewards, and benefits, to disbursements and payroll. I joined as the venture's first product designer, tasked with establishing a company-wide design thinking culture, and to completely reimagine all end-user products and administrative tools. The main goal was trying to disrupt an industry that historically was technology and business-driven by using a user experience-centric first approach.

Process & Experience

Within the first three years, I was able to build out an internal experience design team of 5 creatives. Completely rebranded the entire corporate venture. Established a centralized product team pattern library. Researched, tested, and entirely overhauled our core product offering suite - adding predefined styling and feature configurations to enable rapid program development and launch timelines. Launching 10+ payment card programs using the new product offerings showcase, while still designing each instance to the specific use case of the project/client. Each program usually consisted of a marketing site, signed-in web application, fully native mobile apps (iOS & Android), customer service portal, reporting and analytics portal, program configuration portal, administration enrollment portal, and an IVR system.

The Outcome
Highlighted Accomplishments:

An Example Case Study:
Established Program Improvements -
(Monthly performance improvements year-over-year.)

Specific Role Contributions

I find it critical to be able to see the big picture as well as the fine details. Here is an example of an enrollment flow, showing all the pieces we continuously optimized over and over again.
An example of a program's marketing micro-site where we explained the core value prop of the solution and gave a front door to sign in or to get started enrolling
Backstage shot of me reparing for an interview at Mastercard's Purchase headquarters.
Overview of a micro-site for an advanced credit white-label program
Overview of a co-branded credit white-label program designed to enable industries like airlines, electronics, hotels, etc. to launch loyalty reward card programs
Overview of our white-label digital challenger bank program with advanced cash flow and trends tracking functionality
Here's a peek at the initial concept design I presented to Care.com for a gig economy focused payroll bank card.
Here's a peek at the initial concept design I presented to Care.com for a gig economy focused payroll bank card.
The initial concept for our white-label digital challenger bank mobile app, partnering with Mastercard's Prepaid Group to research, design, test, build, and pilot.
Here's the initial concept I designed for Optum Bank's health HSA accounts. After launch, both app stores had 4.8+ user ratings and kept them that high for the duration we ran the program internally.