OCR 1.0

Image Document Capture Widget

The OCR widget was a quick initiative I was given to create a mobile component/widget that could be embed within multiple applications, could be themed to make the experience seamless, and the first adopter which needed it within weeks was the TurboTax mobile application, SnapTax. 

I took on both UX and UI for this project. Receiving only an initial rough flow design of what it could be, and the names of 3 engineers that I was to work with to build it. I also had to validate and coordinate with the core TurboTax design/dev teams, in order to ship with the final product for Tax season only weeks away.

More Background: 
A few of us were able to file a technology patent for one of the features built in by combining design with current technology. This widget is still being developed by another team member, and continues to be the main functionality within our TurboTax mobile apps. Enabling almost anyone and small businesses to import their financial documents by only taking a picture.