NewBlue, Lead Product Designer
2011 - 2012

NewBlue is a video technology start-up, positioned as the leading provider of video effects, on-air graphics, transitions, and titling tools for broadcast and video editing professionals.

A small startup developing video creation tools for a wide range of customers, from general end consumers to professionals on all levels.

Introduction & Goal
Joining as 1 of NewBlue's first 2 Designers, reporting directly to the founders, I quickly took the lead on two main initiatives. First, tackling the holistic reimagining of the parent company, with a focused lens on the two leading products and brands the company was wanting to offer. The second of the two large initiatives I tackled at NewBlue was to research, design, and help launch a completely new product line specifically focused more on a family-oriented consumer vs. the current products that serviced a strictly professional market. The goal was to create a mobile video-sharing app that transforms everyday moments into stylized video creations. Using Vibop on their iPhones, consumers can quickly shoot or retrieve video; instantly stabilize and repair it; easily personalize it with custom intros, text, photos, and effects. Then they could rapidly share their 30-second video clips via Facebook, YouTube, and email.

Process & Experience
Using parallel tracks to work on both initiatives simultaneously, I assessed the landscape with initial heuristic research, benchmarked competitors, researched stakeholders (both inside and outside of the company), and collaborated with a marketing analyst to do high-level concept validation and user experience testing. Ultimately, working with development and marketing in shipping it all as quickly and efficiently as possible, then continued to optimize from there.

The Outcome
By addressing the most impactful problems first, I was able to overhaul and dial in the holistic story that NewBlue was genuinely striving to be. Keeping the logo structure the same for familiarity to current customers, I updated colors, redrew the graphics with better geometry and alignment, and replaced the font family. Using the new mark and style, I applied it to two entirely redesigned and optimized website experiences and all other marketing collateral (business cards, software boxes, large conference booths, investor pitches, etc.). Vibop was built and launched by utilizing NewBlue's unique patent-pending, cloud-based platform that delivers a high-quality video compositing solution not possible on today's mobile processors. The platform enabled seamless methods for selecting, previewing, and sharing a video that feels "local" to the mobile device. The unique technology also allows for automatic stabilization and enhances the user's video clip to provide high-quality viewing results.

      Highlighted Accomplishments:

Specific Role Contributions
Responsible for establishing a design-focused culture, product strategy, and the majority of all design tasks. Owning research, branding, user experience, visuals, and working with a senior motion designer to create advertisement/promo videos and in-app intro presets.